Happy Thanksgiving From Mid-Atlantic Propane Exchange + Deep Fried Turkey Safety Tips!

Happy Thanksgiving From Mid-Atlantic Propane Exchange

Mid-Atlantic Propane Exchange would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday! We know that this time of year we are focused on family, friends, and turkey!

Whether it be your great-great-great grand mom’s, recipe or one you just concocted today — we want you to be SAFE should you decide that deep-frying your bird becomes your method of choice.

The first thing to do to ensure deep-fry safety is to fill your deep-fryer with water at room temperature. This way, you can test to see how much the water offsets after adding your bird! Performing a “dry-run” like this can save you a lot of frustration and possibly a home owners insurance claim!

Once you know the right amount of frying base to add (as measured in your water test), you will want to add that to your propane powered turkey fryer at a medium temperature to render down.

Once your frying base has rendered and is ready to go…
This may be the most important part…
TURN OFF the propane flame powering your deep fryer before adding your turkey!

PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THE ABOVE STATEMENT!!! If you may have miscalculated with your “water test” and if you release your turkey too quickly into the fryer — there is a great chance you can cause your frying material to overflow and catch fire!

If you can follow these simple rules, you can have a safer and more family-friendly turkey deep-fry experience. Be confident in your decisions and be aware of the fire hazards that can arise from deep frying a turkey. But, if done safely, this can be a very enjoyable experience for the entire family.

Be safe and happy holidays!

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