5 Quick Tips For Hurricane Preparedness From Mid-Atlantic Propane Exchange

As the brunt of Hurricane Ian bears down on Florida we need to remember how important hurricane preparedness is. Especially along coastal areas of the United States. Our sister company Florida Lift Gas in Tampa Florida is experiencing extremely severe weather due to Hurricane Ian. Please keep them and anyone you know in the truck driving and supply chain industries in your thoughts.

We have gathered a list of things you can do to better prepare for an upcoming hurricane or tropical storm.

  1. Follow guidance from local and municipal authorities. They are on top of the situation and will have important news to convey to you
  2. Board up windows on your property to protect from flying debris.
  3. If you are instructed to evacuate, please heed this message. Hurricanes cause major flooding and unstable grounds. You will need to find higher ground. Follow any instructions provided by local news and police.
  4. If you can not evacuate, hunker down in one place until the storm is over. Stay off the roads and away from windows. Be prepared for possible power outages with a propane powered back up generator, stay in communication with a close friend or family member so that they know you’re safe.
  5. Only purchase food you will need to survive. Avoid perishable foods that can go bad or spoil quickly. Canned foods are a good option.

If you are faced with an upcoming hurricane or tropical storm, follow instructions, stay safe, and don’t panic! There will be millions more people in the same situation as you and cooperation is key in these situations. If you are in the Tampa Florida area and need propane for your business, please contact Florida Lift Gas for your propane needs during this trying time.

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