Mid-Atlantic Propane Exchange Teams Up with Green-Fields Swim Club!

At Mid-Atlantic Propane Exchange, we’re excited to announce our partnership with the esteemed Green-Fields Swim Club in West Deptford! As proud supporters of local communities, we’re thrilled to have collaborated with one of the finest swim clubs in the region to enhance their members’ experience.

broilmaster grill

What’s the Buzz? We’re turning up the heat at Green-Fields Swim Club with the installation of not one, not two, but a dozen brand new Broil Master Grills! That’s right – twelve state-of-the-art grills are coming your way, promising sizzling summer gatherings and mouthwatering moments for all members to enjoy.

Why Broil Master? When it comes to quality grilling, we don’t settle for anything less than the best. That’s why we’ve chosen Broil Master Grills – renowned for their durability, performance, and precision cooking. From juicy burgers to perfectly charred veggies, these grills are poised to elevate your outdoor culinary adventures to new heights.

Enhancing the Member Experience At Green-Fields Swim Club, we understand that it’s not just about swimming laps or lounging by the poolside – it’s about creating lasting memories with friends and family. With our upgraded grilling station, members can now look forward to unforgettable cookouts, poolside picnics, and impromptu BBQ parties, all summer long.

A Commitment to Community For Mid-Atlantic Propane Exchange, this partnership isn’t just about providing grills – it’s about fostering connections, enhancing lifestyles, and giving back to the communities we serve. We’re dedicated to supporting local businesses, organizations, and recreational spaces like Green-Fields Swim Club, ensuring that everyone has access to top-notch amenities and experiences.

Join Us for the Unveiling! Ready to fire up those grills and kick off the summer season in style? Join us for the official unveiling of the new Broil Master Grills at Green-Fields Swim Club. Get ready to savor delicious bites, soak up the sun, and celebrate the spirit of community with your fellow members.

Keep an eye out for more exciting updates, events, and initiatives from Mid-Atlantic Propane Exchange as we continue to make a positive impact in the Mid-Atlantic region. Follow us on social media, visit our website, and stay tuned for all the latest news and happenings!

At Mid-Atlantic Propane Exchange, we’re proud to fuel your adventures, one grill at a time. Here’s to a summer filled with sun, fun, and unforgettable moments at Green-Fields Swim Club!

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