Propane Cylinder Safety From The Propane Experts

propane cylinder

There are a number of things to consider in safely handling and storing propane cylinders or tanks. Thankfully, the experts at Mid-Atlantic Propane Exchange have some safety tips that will help ensure safe storage.

  1. Always wear protective gloves. Propane is an extremely cold gas and exposure to skin could be dangerous
  2. Do not smoke anywhere near propane cylinders
  3. Never change the cylinder close to or near an open flame
  4. Do not change cylinder with engine running on vehicle being re-fueled
  5. Handle propane cylinders with extreme caution. Do not drop, throw, slide or drag cylinders
  6. Ensure that the pressure relief valve has a protective cover
  7. Use prescribed lifting techniques when lifting cylinders
  8. Should a release of propane gas develop that cannot be easily stopped, promptly remove the cylinder to a well ventilated outside area away from any source of ignition

Following the above safety guidelines can help ensure that no accidents take place and the condition of the propane cylinder is intact. If you should have any questions about how to properly handle propane, we would love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any safety related questions you may have.

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