Propane Helps Zoagies Keep the Good Stuff Coming!

Zoagies Food Truck

Often when you visit a food truck you’re surrounded by the great aroma of wonderful foodstuffs emanating from within. Some of the best and most unique foods you can imagine tend to come from these great trucks!

Even with that said, chances are you’re so hyper-focused the food and atmosphere that you may not realize the role that propane plays in bringing these awesome eats to you!

Propane plays a pivotal role in powering the ovens, stoves, deep fryers, etc. as it’s safely transportable and long lasting.

Mid-Atlantic Propane Exchange is proud to provide propane to our food truck clientele like Zoagies.

We are able to meet our customers at their location to make sure that their propane needs are met. Propane generated heat is essential to the success of any food truck that provides hot food and we’re proud to be part of the process. Plus, while we’re there — we like to take advantage of the amazing eats. It’s a win-win.

Next time you’re in South Jersey be sure to check out Zoagies. You will not regret it.

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