Tax Credit Provides Even More Reason to Go Green with Mid-Atlantic Propane Exchange

Green Energy

Thanks to our partners at the NPGA (National Propane Gas Association) and other entities, the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit has been reinstated through December 31st 2024! This can potentially mean big savings for our propane customers.

The Alternative Fuel Tax Credit is generally available to any individual or entity that:

  1. sells “alternative fuel” for use in a motor vehicle or motorboat within the United States, or
  2. uses the “alternative fuel” for such a purpose in the United States

*NPGA Alternative Fuel Tax Credit Fact Sheet

Mid-Atlantic Propane Exchange is extremely excited to share this news with our customers and associates as this could potentially mean bigger savings when you choose propane or alternative fuel for your business! Please follow the links listed above for more information on this important news and see how this can be applied to your business.

*The information contained in this article has been cited from “FACT SHEET: Alternative Fuel Tax Credit” on the NPGA website at https://www.npga.org

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