Winter Weather Readiness Alert!

stacks of propane

Dear Valued Members of the Mid-Atlantic Propane Exchange Community,

🌨️❄️ As winter approaches, ensuring the safety and accessibility of our propane cages becomes paramount. We want to remind everyone to take proactive measures to prepare for the winter weather and guarantee a smooth and secure propane exchange experience. ❄️🌨️

Key Tips for Winter Weather Readiness:

  1. Path Clearing: It’s crucial to keep all paths leading to propane cages clear of snow and ice. This ensures safe access for our members and helps our team provide efficient service.
  2. Access Maintenance: Regularly check and maintain access points to propane storage areas. This includes lubricating locks and hinges to prevent freezing.
  3. Communication with Plow Companies: If you utilize plow services, kindly communicate with the plow companies to avoid piling snow directly in front of propane cages. This proactive measure prevents obstruction and allows for seamless access during propane exchanges.
  4. Emergency Readiness: Have a plan in place for extreme weather conditions. Ensure that emergency contact information is readily available, and that everyone on your team is familiar with the winter weather protocols.
  5. Member Cooperation: We appreciate the cooperation of all members in adhering to safety guidelines during winter weather. Please exercise caution and patience to ensure a secure environment for everyone.

Remember, safety is our top priority, and your cooperation in these winter weather readiness measures is invaluable. Let’s work together to make this winter season safe and hassle-free for everyone.

Thank you for being a part of the Mid-Atlantic Propane Exchange community. Stay warm and stay safe!

Best regards,

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